Consular documents

1. Ugandan Permits for Journalists

Journalists proceeding to carry out some work in Uganda require a letter of accreditation issued by:

The Secretary of the Media Council
Department of Information,
Po Box 23784,
Lugard Road, UTV Premises,
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: (41) 230367;

You are advised to appoint a clearing agent to whom you will send details of the equipment which you intend to take with you, in advance. The agent will obtain the temporary import licenses before your arrival. Your contact in Uganda should be able to give you advice concerning the clearing agent.

2. Renunciation of Ugandan Citizenship

In order to finalize the exercise of renunciation of Uganda Citizenship, the Embassy requires the following from you:

  • Hand written letter informing of the decision to renounce Ugandan citizenship.
  • Uganda Passport to be surrendered.
  • Original Letter offering new citizenship with English translated copy.
  • Declaration of Renunciation of Citizenship Form (enclosed) should be signed under oath and stamped by a Magistrate or Commissioner of Oaths. Any additional information added to the certificate, by the Magistrate/Commissioner for Oaths /Notary Public must be translated into English.
  • A fee of 30 Euros, (in Cash, Cheque and Bank Transfer). Bank details are:
Account Holder: Uganda Embassy Berlin
Account Number: 268188 001
Commerzbank BLZ 1004 0000
IBAN: DE45 1004 0000 0268188 001
and a bank slip posted to Embassy.

Note that application fees are nonrefundable even when your application has been denied, or for any other reason.

On receipt of the above, the Embassy will write a letter acknowledging your renunciation of Uganda citizenship, and issue you with a letter of release. Please enclose an envelope to send you back the certificate

3. Other Consular Forms