Official Visits

For the first time Uganda opened its mission in Bonn/Germany in November 1964 with Leonard Nathaniel Bassude, first Ugandan Ambassador to Germany, while Germany opened its first General Consulate in July 1962 which in October was converted to an embassy. Dr. Heinrich Wersdorfer was the first consul and Dr. Wilfried Sarazin the first German Ambassador to Uganda.

The former DDR and Uganda established diplomatic relations in January 1973. The seat of the embassy was in Moscow and the first Ugandan Ambassador to the former DDR was Michael D.Y. Ondoga.

The bilateral relations between the government of Uganda and that of Germany have been good and have kept on improving. The relations have been enhanced by visits of senior officials from both sides, including presidential visits: Helmut Kohl visited Uganda in [we are still waiting for the right figure]. In February 2008 Federal President Horst Kohler visited Uganda and Guido Westerwelle in 2010.

Of recent, President Museveni visited Germany in 2007, 2009 and June 2016.